Behavioural Email

Take personal shopping assistance to their inbox

Behavioural Email helps reach customers and recover lost sales. Enabling Digital Assistant to send automated emails based on customer interactions with the website.

A customer receives an email asking if they would like to complete their order in the same was as a shop assistant might speak to a customer in-store.

Discover what your Digital Assistant can do with Behavioural Emails

Guided Selling

Increase customer convenience

Actively re-engage your customers throughout their shopping journey.

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    Send emails based on your customer actions
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    Inspire customers with product recommendations
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    Remind your customers where they dropped off
Customers can use Digital Assistant to save and send their basket via email to their inbox.
Customers can obtain promotional codes onsite, through Digital Assistant, after clicking on promotions sent to them via email.


Elevate customer engagement

Deliver highly relevant emails based on what your customers actually care about.

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    Effectively target specific audiences with behavioural segmentation
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    Tailor your marketing messages based on customer preferences
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    Create & connect the dots from emails to your website


Continuously increase relevance

Understand, identify and deliver the optimum experience with every email that reaches your customers.

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    Support continuous improvements using behavioural insights
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    Find what works with multivariate testing
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    Monitor performance of your automated email campaigns
Understand, identify and deliver the optimum experience with every email that reaches your customers.

Why choose Behavioural Email?


Stay top of mind

Send beautiful, personalised emails when the moment is right.


Responsive email campaigns

Use powerful, flexible email templates that work on all devices.


Privacy by design

Protect your brand and customers with fully compliant campaigns.


Frictionless experience

Connect emails with Digital Assistant to resurface the email content back on the website.


Flexible, automated triggers

Deliver emails with built-in triggers at the opportune moments throughout the customer lifecycle.


Verify incremental lift

Measure revenue lift by testing your ideas against control groups.

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