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Industry spotlight: How Digital Assistant drives conversions for consumer electronics brands

Emily Corke
Emily Corke
Senior Content Marketing Manager
Industry spotlight: How Digital Assistant drives conversions for consumer electronics brands
How Digital Assistant drives conversions for consumer electronic brands

Imagine you are in a consumer electronic store looking for a laptop or a camera. You know what it needs to do but you feel like you need a degree in engineering to know which is the right computer or camera. There is no one there to help you find the right laptop among all the devices that look the same.

Inevitably you will do some looking around but make the actual purchase in another store that not only helps you find the right product but inspires confidence through guidance with a helpful assistant.

The same thing occurs when consumers shop online, only in the digital world they can’t wave down a sales assistant to demand some help navigating all the products available. A whopping 80% of consumers say they miss at least one aspect of shopping in-store when they shop online for all products.

Our research shows that the top products they require that assistance for is consumer electronics. According to the consumers we surveyed in research, 37% of customers find it difficult to buy consumer electronics because are left searching for the right device on their own. Poor purchasing experience doesn’t inspire confidence in the brand, leading to low conversions.

The consumer focus has shifted in favour of consumer electronics with ‘hometainment’ and home offices predicted to remain strong trends in 2022. But you will need more to meet not only the customers converting on your site but those who are researching and running onto buy the same products on competitors or Amazon and the likes.

We get it. It's hard to engage customers online. But you’d never stock a bricks and mortar store with hundreds of products and leave your customers to figure it out on their own. You need to connect with customers who are ready to buy and those who aren’t.

Introducing Digital Assistant

That is where Digital Assistant comes in. This tool helps you increase your conversions by improving product discovery, solving the problems that prevent purchases and keeping customers engaged throughout their time on your site.

Most importantly, it improves customer confidence by bringing you close to your consumers.

Digital Assistant is a personal shopping assistant that helps customers find and purchase the right product, showing a 34% increase in conversion for one brand. That same brand saw customers 65% more likely to convert through the guidance provided by Digital Assistant.

Let us break it down for you.

Bring the instore experiences online

Consumer electronic purchases are typically considered ones, where the purchasing cycle can often be longer. Of course, the longer customers stay on your site searching, often without success, the longer they are exposed to competitors and the more likely they are to drop off your site. The researcher will become the purchaser on another site, regardless of whether your laptop is a better quality or has a better price.

The strategy currently in place might be to employ an aggressive ads strategy, which can become a costly and potentially frustrating way to encourage a visitor back to your site once you have lost them. But what if there was a way to make better use of their time on your site, guiding them to the most relevant product like you would in-store.

Digital Assistant helps customers find and purchase the right products online with guided selling, solving the issue of choice overload with streamlined product recommendations. The automated consultations that fit with your brand’s look and feel encourage faster conversions before the customer leaves the site. Like helpful sales assistant in-store, this digital personal assistant helps the customer find the right product based on the insight they provide.

Consumer electronics brands have been able to optimise and adapt their site thanks to that insight gleamed from Digital Assistant’s consultations. Insight about who the customers were, how price sensitive they were and what they were looking for. They were then able to redirect the spend and resources to optimising for those products and building smarter discounting strategies.

Created truly personalised experiences

In a saturated market, a clear way to connect with a customer is through truly personalised experiences, showing you remember who the customer is and what their needs are. Digital Assistant has done this for brands by making smarter product recommendations using individual behaviour cues from each customer. Like the personal assistant who will recognise a customer in-store, Digital Assistant will help returning customers resume browsing where they left off which will increase conversions.

It will also remember returning visitors to upsell and cross-sell more effectively. This has been an important aspect for many of our consumer electronics brands who want to increase the opportunity of each visitor’s time on site. With products that can have many accompanying items, making streamlined and relevant cross-sell product recommendations has increased conversion rates of between 34% and 80% for consumer electronic brands.

Recovering lost sales with Behavioural Email

One of the major bugbears we hear from consumer electronic brands is struggling to bring customers back to their site. Especially with considered purchases, visitors might not be ready to purchase right there and then.

Additionally, they have told us they operate in an online saturated market. Google recently released research showing 94% of global consumers will have abandoned a shopping session over the previous six months when they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

That is where the right email can go a long way, in this case behavioural emails.

Digital Assistant sends automated emails based on your customers’ interactions with your website. So, you can take the personal shopping experience direct to their inbox. A better experience than an aggressive pop-up strategy.

Overall, it’s a strategy to optimise for an effortless online experience

Of all the consumer electronics brands we have worked with, there has been one common purpose. Driving conversion rate by converting not only customers on your site but also those passing through. When you know your products are superior at a competitive price, we understand the frustration of increased traffic, with no real conversion increases.

Digital Assistant is a complete conversion tool that delivers smart, timely content to keep customers engaged. It reduces the abandonment rate by responding in real-time, winning not only your market share but those just passing through.

Many of our early adaptors in this industry are seeing great success using a guided selling campaign to help customers find and purchase the right laptop for school or college. By simulating the in-store consultation process to match product specifications with customer needs, they have seen increasing conversions and insights they need to optimise their online strategy.

Don’t take our word for it.

“Our conversion rate is essential to our business; we will always pay close attention to it. That is why Digital Assistant is such an attractive solution to us - it’s a dynamic software that has allowed us room for growth and a truly tailored solution that works best for our business” Mona, Online Marketing Team Leader for AfB

Want to know more? We look forward to showing you how Digital Assistant can recreate your in-store shopping experience - online. It’s the customer-friendly revenue optimisation toolkit that helps you do more, with less.

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