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Discover how AfB achieved an 88% increase in their website conversion rate in 6 months with Ve’s Digital Assistant!

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Discover how AfB achieved an 88% increase in their website conversion rate in 6 months with Ve’s Digital Assistant!

About AfB

Headquartered in Ettlingen, Germany, AfB is Europe's largest non-profit IT company driven to reduce e-waste and promote energy saving. Their business model is built around refurbishing and marketing disused IT hardware which is then sold in their shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France or via their online shops (Germany) and (Austria).

AfB’s Unique Challenge

With two active online stores at the time in Germany and Austria, it was particularly important to Mona, AfB’s Online Marketing Team Leader to achieve the following:

  1. Improve brand recognition and grow the brand’s online presence.
  2. Broaden AfB’s target market profile to include new discoveries and not just people who visited their offline stores.

To achieve this, she took on a multi-channel approach; diversifying AfB’s digital presence from just a newsletter and a website to Affiliate marketing, social media, retargeting, and recently SEO.

Mona’s efforts saw major growth for AfB but her online conversion rates were still not where she wanted them to be.

That is what led her to start searching for a partner like Ve, a partner that could provide the level of engagement, personalisation and connection with the customer that she needed for her brand. And she was very clear about the level of support she was looking for! She wanted to see a clear and significant improvement in AfB’s Conversion Rate within the first month and a better targeting strategy that gives each customer a more personalised experience, a solution that could lead the customer to what they wanted and needed in the fastest and most convenient way possible, ensuring higher chances of closing the sale.

And Ve’s Digital Assistant was the perfect fit.

The Digital Assistant Solution

The Digital Assistant Solution

Ve’s Digital Assistant gives AfB a way to engage with customers more precisely. Digital Assistant learns each customers' needs, behaviours and habits to deliver personalised experiences every time. This enables Digital Assistant to connect the customer to what they want faster which leads to a higher conversion rate. Digital Assistant creates a tailored, non-obtrusive experience for each customer that visits, allowing them to navigate the site seamlessly.

For AfB, Ve’s Digital Assistant has fit itself seamlessly into their website, enhancing all their current efforts. When people visit the website, they are presented with relevant and personalised content based on their behaviours. Making use of the Digital Assistant Toolkit features such as Problem Solver, AfB has implemented real-time messaging, offers and cart recovery messages to decrease basket abandonment. By introducing new and more effective ways to learn exactly what their customers really want, AfB has developed a deeper understanding of their customer.



AfB’s implementation process took less than 6 weeks to complete. The process began with multiple interviews designed to better understand AfB: its quirks, needs and where Digital Assistant could enhance the website. Thereafter they received a Performance Blueprint, a plan informed by data mined from the interviews and other campaigns run for other companies in the same industry. The performance blueprint highlighted each page of AfB’s website, providing recommendations of where Digital Assistant could assist and engage their audience. After AfB approved their blueprint, Digital Assistant was rolled out across their website.

The Impact

AfB has seen an 88% increase in their conversions

AfB has seen an 88% increase in their conversions, from 2.41% before Digital Assistant to 4.26% since they implemented just over 6 months ago!

“Our conversion rate is essential to our business; we will always pay close attention to it. That is why Digital Assistant is such an attractive solution to us - it’s a dynamic software that has allowed us room for growth and a truly tailored solution that works best for our business.” Mona, Online Marketing Team Leader.

For Mona and AfB, Digital Assistant is the perfect solution for their business - it is progressive, there are always new features, and plenty of room for growth. AfB is not only enjoying more sales and higher conversion rates, their customers are also enjoying valuable, tailored and personal experiences thanks to Digital Assistant’s extensive capabilities.

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